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Spring Bucket List

by krismkoch
spring bucket list 2021

I’m really enjoying coming up with these bucket lists every season (see my fall list and winter list). It inspires me to get out of the house and do more with our family. It’s easier to motivate to do stuff in the spring because the weather finally warms up and you are excited to come out of hibernation, but it always seems to go by in a heartbeat, so I wanted to put together my spring bucket list asap.

A family bucket list is my way of ensuring we make the most of this season with our little family. As they say, the days are long but the years are short, and I don’t want to wake up in 10 years and think about how I wished I had spent more time with the kiddos (when they actually wanted to spend time with me). Now that the weather is getting warmer and things are opening up, it’s the perfect time to create a spring bucket list.

As I’m sure other toddler moms can relate, we’ve found that the only way to survive weekends with highly-active kids is to get out of the house. Otherwise, everyone gets stir crazy and destruction and tantrums ensue. As my best friend and wise mom once said, you have to get out of the house. I don’t care how many toys and trampolines you have, a change of scenery is key to get through the day. Even though there’s seemingly lots to do around us, I find if we don’t plan ahead and do research to look up new activities, we end up spending half the day debating what to do (while our toddler causes mayhem and we get frustrated and fight over it). Enter: the spring bucket list.

And after a year of being cooped up in quarantine, it’s the perfect time to get in all those activities that we missed out on last year. Here’s what’s on my spring bucket list for our family — let me know what’s on yours and if there are any fun spring activities we should add, especially any in the tristate area.



Botanical Gardens


Central Park

Swim Lessons

Decorate Easter eggs

Make a cute Easter basket for James

Host an Easter Egg Hunt with our neighbors

Go hiking upstate


Attend open houses (we’re always on the lookout for our next fixer upper)

Paint outside

Bring sidewalk chalk to the park to draw

Load up the bubble machine

Scoot to get coffee (James loves his scooter and we love how much energy it burns!)


Eat outside (we recently went out to dinner and sat outside for my birthday and I forgot how much I love eating outside)

Go to a Yankees Game

Visit the Botanical Gardens

Road trip (we’ve been dying to visit Charlottesville (my husband went to college at UVA) and this spring feels like the perfect time… if James and Charlotte can last for the drive)

Learn to cook a few healthy dinner dishes that our whole family will eat (not so much tied to spring but this spring, I’m going to start learning to cook)

Take a vacation (sad but true, we still haven’t taken that parents-only vacation we’ve been discussing for months, but I’m determined to get away, even if it’s as a family this spring)

Host a Small Outdoor Derby Party

Katonah Farms

Visit Grey Barns

Family bike rides

Visit the beach

Anything else I should add? What are your favorite spring activities to do with kids?

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