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My Favorite Places to Buy Cute Workout Clothes

by krismkoch
my favorite places to buy workout clothes

My pandemic wardrobe has largely consisted of workout clothes, even though my days have not been filled with as many workouts as I’d like. I’ve been hesitant to invest in cute workout clothes (save for new tennis clothes). I have tons of leggings and a mix of old workout tops that suffice for at-home workouts and outdoor runs. When I’m playing with the kids, I always end up with food, finger paint or something on me, so wearing old workout clothes made sense. And since I haven’t been going to the gym or really anywhere, I haven’t seen the point investing in cute workout clothes. But now that spring is here, and I can’t hide my mismatched leggings and old t-shirt under my coat, I figured it’s time to upgrade my workout wardrobe.

There are so many great options for workout clothes these days at every price point, that it can feel overwhelming. I used to hate spending a lot on leggings and workout tanks and tees. I just didn’t see the point. But I’ve had a change of heart. While I am still about the $20 Lululemon Align Amazon dupes, if I’m going to be spending the majority of my time wearing workout clothes, they should be cute and comfy and suck me in in the right places. I also see how a good pair of leggings or top can offer a lot more support when running or taking a cardio class, making it worth the money. No one wants to spend their entire workout tugging at their shirt or bottoms.

I have discovered a few favorite athleisure brands that are my go-tos for cute workout clothes that I can wear all day without being embarrassed. They also offer pieces that are cute enough to wear to the playground, which I love. So if you’re looking to upgrade your workout wardrobe, here are my favorite places to shop for cute workout clothes.

Addison Bay




Old Navy

Outdoor Voices

Aerie Offline


And some of my favorite workout clothes that I’m adding to my wardrobe right now:

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