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What to Wear to Play Tennis

by krismkoch
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Like so many others looking for a socially distant sport or activity during quarantine, I’ve taken up tennis again this year. Until recently, I hadn’t played tennis in any real way in a looong time. I played a lot as a kid and then took it up again for several months as an adult when Andrew and I lived in Park City (did we ever talk about that story? Will have to tell you it some day), but in a low-key, just us hitting way, so I didn’t invest in a tennis wardrobe at the time. And since I haven’t played tennis seriously since I was probably 14, I didn’t have any cute tennis outfits when I took the sport back up last summer.

I’m a firm believer that dressing for your workout will make you more excited to do it. Plus, tennis outfits can be so cute (thanks Serena!), so when I started playing tennis again, I was excited to do some shopping. I really love tennis, and it’s become a fun activity for Andrew and I to do that we hope to do as a whole family once the kids get a bit older, so I knew investing in my tennis wardrobe would be money well spent. Plus, tennis clothes tend to stand the test of time too — I still wear a tennis skirt I have from high school.

Once I started looking though, I found there is a dearth of cute tennis clothes for women, especially tennis whites, as our club is whites only. Luckily, I’ve been seeing more and more tennis dresses, skirts, tops and shoes recently, so I think retailers are catching on to tennis’ growing popularity. I’ve managed to find some really great tennis outfits everywhere from Amazon to some of my favorite retailers like Tory Burch. Since I’ve been enjoying playing tennis year-round, in addition to tennis dresses and skirts, I’ve also stocked up on leggings and warm-ups. If you’ve taking up the sport again and are looking for cute tennis outfits, or aren’t sure what to wear to play tennis, I’ve rounded up a bunch of cute options.

Athleta Tennis Dress

Lululemon Skirt

Lululemon Long Sleeve Tee

Lululemon Tank

Lululemon Hooded Zip-Up

Ruffle Tennis Dress

Pleated Skirt

Ruffle Windbreaker

Tennis Bag

Tennis Zip-Up with Rackets

Nike Tennis Dress

Nike Short Sleeve Tennis Top

White Long Sleeve Tennis Top

Nike Tennis Shoes

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