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Monthly Goals for May 2021

by krismkoch

How is April already over? Last month flew by, and I feel like I barely had time to check in on my April goals. I actually just took a look at them, and I was surprised by how much I actually did accomplish. Go me! I really think it’s proof that writing down your monthly goals helps you to make them a reality, even when you’re not paying crazy attention to them. I was worried setting monthly goals and actually writing them out and sharing them here would add stress to my already stressed-out, never-feels-like-I’m-doing-enough life. But I am actually feeling the opposite. It’s helping me to feel more organized and accomplished. So I’m excited to keep this habit going and lay out my monthly goals for May.

This month, you’ll see some leftover goals from previous months. I’m trying not beat myself up if I don’t accomplish everything on my list. My daily to-dos are overwhelming enough that I see this as a check-in toward my broader goals — a way to ensure I’m not so caught up in getting through the day to day that I don’t leave time to work toward my larger goals for myself and our family. I like setting my intentions each month, and find that it helps me to be more focused during downtime as well as when prioritizing my days. This month, I really want to get us prepped for a fun summer, cross of some of the items that are stressing me out like our summer vacation plans and bathroom remodel, finally do those things for the blog I’ve been promising myself (and you!) that I’d do, and actually schedule in time for date nights and couple dates.

I am excited for summer to be here, and to slow down a bit and enjoy the warm weather and time with my family. So I’m really going to focus on getting a lot done this month. Hence, my long list of monthly goals for May. I may be a little overambitious, but I am telling myself that if I get through this month, I can take it a bit easier this summer. And I don’t know about you, but the warmer weather is definitely giving me energy.

Here are my monthly goals for May 2021:

  1. Create May Edit Calendar for the Blog: While I do stray from the edit calendar, outlining which blog posts I will write or update each month has really helped me to stay on top of blogging, keep my creative juices flowing, and grow this blog. I saw some real growth this morning, which was really exciting and helped me to feel like someone is actually reading and appreciating some of the content I’m creating. There are times when I’m like why do I stay up to do this, and this month really inspired me to keep doing it and to feel like my content is resonating.
  2. Workout 4-5 days a week: I haven’t been great about this in April, although I’ve managed to move 3-4 days a week. I’m not putting too much pressure on myself to do anything intense. I count walking every morning while taking calls a workout, and it makes me feel better and more energized to start my day.
  3. Start Playing Tennis Again: I really fell back in love with tennis last summer and kept up with it last fall, but I dropped out during the winter. I just didn’t really feel safe playing indoors and didn’t love wearing a mask. Plus, life just got so busy. Now that the outdoor courts are open again, I’m making it a goal to get back out there, even if it’s just to hit balls with my husband one morning a week. I love being outside and moving and it’s such a fun activity to do with your partner or friends. My goal is to start by just getting out once a week if I can swing it with work and the kids.
  4. Finalize Summer Vacation Plans: We have scheduled a vacation for Andrew’s big birthday with the kids, but I would also like to book a getaway just for us, even if it’s somewhere nearby. We still need to finalize all our plans, so that’s my goal for this month. I am in desperate need of a vacation and planning it is really getting me excited.
  5. Schedule Bathroom Renovation Date: As I’ve mentioned, we have one last bathroom to renovate. Our contractor finally came by and now we just need to finalize the tiles and vanity and hardware and make a date for the work. I cannot wait to have this last piece of the puzzle finished.
  6. Sell and Donate Clothes and Accessories I No Longer Wear: I need to do a big closet clean-out. I started half-heartedly this month, but need to really sit down one day and get after it. I am going to do it this month before I switch over my closets from winter to summer.
  7. Switch Our Winter to Summer Clothes: Time to get the whole family ready for summer and put away all those hats, gloves and heavy sweaters!
  8. Set Up Desk for Home Office: How have I still not done that?! Ordering one this week! What do we think about this desk?
  9. Find Sideboard for Dining Room: The space is really feeling quiet empty and it’s the final furniture piece we really need for our home.
  10. Find Art for Our Home: We have absolutely no artwork hung in our home because I cannot commit to anything. My goal this month is to find at least one piece I really love. But honestly, I don’t mind our white walls. In fact, I kind of love them. I find them super calming and crisp and chic. But I know it looks like no one lives in our home.
  11. Start newsletter: I know. It’s insane that I still have not done this. It’s been on my to-do list for two months straight now. Do I do Mail Chimp? It seems so complicated. Any other suggestions?
  12. Take more consistent blog photos: This was a goal I didn’t really accomplish last month although I did take a few pics, which is better than zero. Now that the weather is nicer, I’d like to plan more family adventures to take cute pics.
  13. Plan 5 Fun Family Adventures: From the farm near our house to the zoo and botanical gardens, I want to make the most of this beautiful weather to take the kids on some fun family adventures this month. Five feels like a reasonable goal.
  14. Plan 2 date nights and 2 couples night: This doesn’t seem like a lot, I know, but we’re lame and have been hibernating. I am often so tired, we haven’t been doing much. I want to force myself to schedule at least a couple nights to go out and socialize or have a date.
  15. Finalize Andrew’s Birthday Plans: I have something fun up my sleeve…

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