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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

by krismkoch
last minute mothers day gifts

Every mom deserves a vacation to a tropical island and a month of pampering for Mother’s Day this year. But since it seems like we’ll still be in at least semi-quarantine for Mother’s Day, that may have to wait. I actually think finding mother’s day gifts is really easy. Jewelry, cozy pajamas, a luxe robe, a spa day, a new bag — all great and seemingly obvious options. Yet, every year, my husband always asks what I want for Mother’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he asks — it’s better than getting something I really don’t want but that I feel like I have to wear. So I like to put together a list of last-minute Mother’s Day gifts (since the question always pops up the week of) both to help me figure out what to get the moms in my life and (let’s be honest) to help guide my husband.

Really, he should be glad I started this blog, because it’s basically like here’s what to buy me for any special occasion — I guarantee I’ll like it, because I picked it out. I don’t think he’s caught on to that yet though. But until he comes around, I have come up with tons of last-minute Mother’s Day gifts that are great for all the moms in your life. Personally, I think Mother’s Day is a great excuse to treat mom to something that you know she’d love but would never buy herself. Really cute pajamas or a nice pair of slippers are a great example of something I don’t really ever buy myself but would love to have. I also love the idea of a piece of jewelry like a necklace with your children’s initials on it, so mom can carry them with her every day. Really, you can’t go wrong with jewelry. Accessories are always fun as well and will definitely be put to good use. A nice new wallet or clutch or pair of sunglasses is something every mom would love but might not necessarily buy herself.

So if you’re in search of last minute Mother’s Day gifts, here are some of my favorite ideas.

last minute mother's day gifts

gifts for mom

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

From top left: 

Striped Pajamas and Robe

Straw Sunhat

Tortoise Sunglasses

Mother of Pearl Earrings

Clover Pendant

Apple Watch Band

Furry Slippers

Gold Lairat Necklace

Bag Strap

Initial Necklace

Leather Clutch

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