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Beach Vacation Packing List

by krismkoch
beach vacation packing list

Packing for a beach vacation is always my favorite thing to do, especially when it’s the middle of winter and I’m so over all my winter clothes. All those summer shorts, sundresses, and sandals feel fresh again. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to pick up some of the pretty floral dresses and coverups that I’ve been seeing everywhere and lusting over. Whenever I go on a vacation, I like to put together a comprehensive list of everything I need to pack. I find it helps me streamline my options and make sure I don’t forget anything. Since spring break is upon us, which is when we usually head to Florida or somewhere else warm, I put together a beach vacation packing list.

My beach vacation packing list works for a spring break trip, middle of winter getaway, or even a summer vacation and is incredibly helpful if you tend to under- or over-pack (personally, I’ve done both). I’m a list person, and since I tend to do all my family’s packing, I find without a packing list, by the time I get around to packing for myself, I end up forgetting essentials or just throwing in a bunch of stuff in a suitcase and then struggling to put together outfits when we get there. Since packing is never easy, I created a list of essentials to help make packing for your next beach vacation easy.

When packing for a beach vacation, I try to keep it light. I stick to one or two pairs of shorts, a few cute dresses that can be worn to the beach and dinner, a few swimsuits and coverups, and a couple pairs of sandals. I try to stick to pieces that can be worn with multiple things in my suitcase, so I can pack less and mix and match items. Then I’ll throw in a sweater or two for chilly nights and air conditioned rooms, a beach bag that can double as a purse, and a few cute sun-friendly accessories.

Here’s my complete beach vacation packing list.

beach vacation packing list
what to pack for a beach vacation
beach vacation essentials
beach vacation packing list
beach essentials
what to pack for a beach vacation

From Top Left:

Denim Cutoffs

Striped Tee

Yellow and White Sundress

Straw Hat

Purple and Blue Beach Dress

Red and Pink Mini Dress

Blue Embroidered Cover-Up

Pink Floral Mini Dress

Blue and White Embroidered Beach Dress

Coral Maxi Sundress

Wrap Around Sandals

Ruffle Swimsuit

Straw Tote


Embroidered Cover-Up

Tan Sandals

Straw Clutch

White Shorts

Breezy Blouse


Beach Sweater

Maxi Dress

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