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Winter Capsule Wardrobe

by krismkoch
winter capsule wardrobe

I’ve really tried to simplify my wardrobe since becoming a mom. Each season, I put together capsule wardrobes with a handful of pieces and outfits that I can quickly throw on before starting my day. Mornings are always crazy trying to get everyone dressed and fed and ready for school. Not having to worry about what I’m going to wear really helps to make our mornings less chaotic. Even though I’m working from home, looking put-together for school drop off and a day of Zoom meetings makes me more productive, and frankly, makes me feel better, especially in the middle of winter when it’s cold and dreary and I just want to stay in bed. I’ve been struggling to get dressed since winter began, and I actually meant to put together a winter capsule wardrobe months ago, but you know, life. But the new year feels like the perfect time to get more organized and intentional about my wardrobe.

I haven’t been shopping much since Covid lockdowns began, and when I do buy something, I’ve tried to invest in pieces that are high-quality and versatile, so I can wear them on repeat this winter, and again next year when hopefully, I get out of the house more. I’m trying to avoid fast fashion and trends and go for classic pieces that I love and can easily mix and match with other items in my wardrobe. That’s why I love putting together a capsule wardrobe each season — it allows me to do just that and helps to streamline my shopping and avoid impulse purchases.

Since the holidays, I’ve found myself living in sweats and leggings and just feeling really blah. I have been struggling to muster the energy to get dressed, and honestly, it just makes me feel all the more blah. I put together this winter capsule wardrobe to get me out of my style rut, and I’m excited to share it with you in case you need help getting out of one too. I really do believe getting dressed can help you feel confident and be more productive, and so far it really has been helping me. But don’t worry, I included some leggings and joggers in there, because let’s be honest, all anyone wants to be wearing right now are comfy clothes.

Here’s my winter capsule wardrobe to help you dress for every cold weather, socially-distanced event and activity this season.

Outdoor Fun with the Kids

what to wear to play in the snow with your kids

White Snow Pants + Parka Jacket + Fleece Turtlenck + Snow Boots + Pom Pom Hat + Mask

Outdoor Dining Date Night

what to wear for an outdoor dinner date in winter

Jeans + Fur Lined Boots + Ruffle Cardigan Sweater + Thermal Top + Furry Coat + Mask

Chilly Morning School Drop Off

Cream Joggers + Sweater + Shearling Boots + Cardigan Coat + Pom Pom Hat + Leopard Print Mask

Zoom Meeting Work Outfit

what to wear to work zoom meetings

Puff Sleeve Sweater + Black Joggers + Furry Slippers + Headband + Blue Light Glasses + Ring Light

Afternoon Walk with Friend

winter leggings outfit

Leggings + Puffer Coat + Base Layer + Mask + Sneakers + Hat

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