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What to Wear to Fly: 7 Comfy-Chic Airport Outfit Ideas

by krismkoch

Flying is generally a pretty uncomfortable experience. Even if you’re flying business or first class in one of those souped-up planes with the cool sleeping pods, you’re still stuck on a plane, with limited personal space, unreliable wifi at best, a limited choice of programming, and the smallest bathroom imaginable. That’s why wearing something comfy is key. But I actually find coming up with airport outfit ideas to be pretty tricky. 

You want to be warm but not too warm and you’ll need layers for that, since the plane inevitably changes temperature throughout the flight (ever notice how hat happens? Like one minute you’re sweating balls and then the next, you’re so cold your fingers are turning blue?). To complicate things though, you’re often switching from taking off in one climate to landing in a completely different one.  Not to mention you often have to wear your bulkiest stuff because it’s not fitting in that airplane-approved carry on bag, or you’re overstuffed suitcase. And then there’s the risk of running into someone you know at the airport and not wanting to look like a total mess. Bottom line: Getting dressed to fly can be hard, which is why I like to gather a bunch of airport outfit ideas that I can reference when I’m packing for a trip. 

The key to dressing for a travel day that involves an airplane is to dress in layers. But you need to be smart with your layers, opting for wearable fabrics and warm but lightweight sweaters and jackets. Comfy pants and shoes are non-negotiable. While it’s perfectly acceptable to fly in joggers and leggings these days, I just can’t do it. It makes me feel too much like I gave up. Plus, joggers and leggings are much easier to roll up and pack than jeans, so I usually stick to denim for the plane, opting for a pair with stretch. I’m a fan of keeping my layers simple and easy, knowing that I’ll probably get them dirty in flight — jeans, a t-shirt or button-up, and a cardigan. Sneakers or flats are my footwear of choice. I try to avoid sandals because my feet always get cold once in flight. 

If you’re looking for help getting dressed for your next flight, here are my favorite airport outfit ideas. 

Black Stretchy Skinnies + Black Button-Up + Black Flats + Black Tote + Black Carry-On

airport jetsetter style travel outfit all black suitcases damsel in dior

damsel in dior

Black Skinnies + Black T-shirt + Jersey Boyfriend Blazer + Black Flat Moto Boots

airport jetsetter style travel outfit all black skinnies black leather skinnies gray blazer boyfriend blazer grey purse via vivaluxuryblog instagram



Black Skinnies + White Tee + Cardigan + 3/4 Coat + Scarf + Loafers

airport jetsetter style travel outfit all printed scarf white oxfors suitcases black skinnies plaid jacket www

who what wear


Black Skinnies + Tee + Sweater + Sneakers Wool Jacket/Blazer

what to wear to fly, airport outfit, suitcase, sneakers, travel

@peaceloveshea / instagram


Black Skinnies + Tee + Trench Coat + Flats

what to wear to fly, airport outfit, airport-jetsetter-travel-black-distressed-denim-trench-coat-luggage-via-tuulavintage-instagram



Striped Tee + Skinny Jeans + Blanket Scarf + Flats

what to wear to fly, airport outfit, striped tee, weekender, blanket scarf





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