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What To Wear To Fall Brunch

by krismkoch

The best part about fall weekends when you live in the city is brunch. In summer, there’s always this mass exodus come Friday to head out to the Hamptons or wherever else is sunny and by the water, but come fall, everyone’s back in town and it’s still nice enough that people haven’t started hibernating. You can enjoy brunch outside, making for great people watching, and with kids, less worry about screaming and throwing of food. Truly, going to brunch in the fall is one of my favorite things. Even though we’ve since made the exodus to the burbs, I still love to take the kids to brunch on the weekends and sometimes even venture into the city for the full brunch treatment. Even though I spend much of my weekends in loungewear, I like to dress up for brunch and really any time we go out to eat. Plus, it’s a perfect excuse to whip out your fall wardrobe. But with the kids always hungry and full of energy, I usually have limited time to throw something on and rush out the door so I put together a guide for what to wear to fall brunch. It makes it easier for me to get dressed and hopefully, will make it easier for you too.

Personally, I love the excuse to whip out my cozy sweaters and weekend attire, yet I still always debate about what to wear to fall brunch. Probably because I’m catching up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile or running the risk of bumping into people we know, and I want to look like I have my act together (even though most of the time, I don’t). Actually I stress out way too much over what to wear to fall brunch, which is supposed to be relaxing, right? My trick is usually to throw on a sweater or button-up with jeans and either flats or sneakers. Sometimes I’ll take it up a notch with a pretty fall dress and cardigan. I like to keep it casual but still feel put together and polished. We are going out to eat after all, even if it’s only to the diner. 

Dress + Sweater + Sneakers

what to wear to flal brunch

Dress + Flats

Jeans + Tee + Sneakers

what i wore the second week of September 2021

Dress + Cardigan + Flats

Dress + Sneakers

Jeans + Cute Top

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