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What to Wear to a Preschool Graduation

by krismkoch

I can’t believe we’re at this major milestone already, but we’re going to be attending our first graduation ceremony in a couple weeks for one of our own children. Yep, James is graduating from preschool. (Where does the time go?!) He’ll be doing another year at his school before heading to kindergarten, but they’re doing a sweet little graduation ceremony at his school, and best of all, it’s in person (not Zoom!). James is our first born, so this is a big deal for us (me). I’m already getting excited to get dressed up and cheer on our little man, especially since I can do it in person after a year of celebrating all his milestones virtually. I know a lot of you have graduation ceremonies to attend as well, and may also be looking forward to finally having something to dress up for, so I thought I’d share some ideas for what to wear to a graduation.

Obviously, this is my first go at it, and it’s a preschool graduation, but I’ve already done my research for what to wear to a graduation, and settled on an outfit. James’ ceremony will be outdoors in the late morning in early June, so I anticipate that it’ll be (hopefully) warm and sunny. I feel like you’re always in direct sunlight during outdoor graduation ceremonies often with little cover, so I anticipate getting hot and plan to wear something lightweight. I love wearing a pretty dress in light colors — it’ll feel seasonal and festive for the occasion, and you can wear it again throughout the summer. Most ceremonies take place on grass, so consider your footwear accordingly and either opt for flats or wear espadrilles or wedges. I’m considering sneakers to offset the fancier dress and because I know I’ll be chasing after Charlotte.

If you’re trying to figure out what to wear to a graduation, here’s what I’ll be wearing to James’ preschool graduation (tear) this year.

what to wear to a graduation
what to wear to a graduation
what to wear to a preschool graduation
what to wear to a graduation
On Me: Dress; Shoes

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