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What I Wore on Our Fall Trip to Florida

by krismkoch

It seems like a year ago already, but just last week we were basking in the sun while playing on the beach in Florida. The timing couldn’t have been better. We moved out of the city but our renovations weren’t done, so we went to Florida for a glorious week. I’m going to write another post all about our trip because we had an amazing stay and discovered this new area that is gorgeous and incredibly family friendly, but I have been getting lots of questions about my outfits from the trip on insta so wanted to share them all in one place. It seems like a lot of people are taking vacations right now, and want to know what to wear for a fall vacation in Florida. Packing for a fall vacation can be tricky, even when going somewhere warm, so I thought I’d share what I wore on our fall trip to Florida.

Plus, I’ll take any excuse to take me back to those vacation vibes. Especially since we’re back, the renovations still aren’t done, we’re living with my in-laws with our stuff in storage and it feels like winter here (and don’t ask me where my winter coat or boots are). Needless to say, the transition back has been tough. I have been wearing essentially the same thing every day because my entire life (and wardrobe) is in boxes. In other words, I haven’t had anything remotely cute to document for you. (Side note: I should still share my outfits though because I’m always curious what people wear on days they’re running around and not posing for an Instagram photoshoot — like does everyone really get dressed as cute as insta makes you think for school runs and errands? I certainly don’t, especially while on maternity leave, so it’s something I’ll work on sharing in the spirit of keeping it real. Just promise me you won’t judge me for being a mess right now. We’ve got a lot going on.)

Okay, tangent over. If you’re wondering what to wear for a fall vacation in Florida, the weather is still pretty warm and sunny, so shorts, bathing suits, sundresses are key. I know some people aren’t into wearing white and pastels after Labor Day. I don’t subscribe to those rules, especially when somewhere tropical and warm that feels like summer even in fall. However, I tried to mix in some darker florals and prints with my whites and brights to add a touch of fall to my vacation looks.

I’m currently freezing and living in sweats, but I’d much rather share some ideas for what to wear for a fall vacation in Florida. So here’s a throwback to a time when I got dressed in something other than leggings aka what I wore for our fall trip to Florida, our first as a family of four!

Exploring Around Town

Florida vacation outfit

Blouse (sold out Ulla Johnson, similar here); Shorts; Sandals

Dinner Out

vacation outfit amazon dress

Dress (under $30 amazon find!); Sandals (on sale!)

Beach Day

casual beach outfit

Tunic (similar here); Denim shorts; Sandals

Visiting a Horse Farm and Dinner

what to wear for a fall vacation in Florida

Tunic (similar here); White jeans; Sandals

Lunch and Shopping in Town

what to wear for a fall vacation in Florida

Sweater (old H&M, similar here); Denim cutoffs; Sandals; Diaper bag/Carry-on

Sunset Cocktails and Dinner Out

what to wear for a fall vacation in Florida

Jumpsuit (sold out Ulla Johnson, similar here); Sandals

Beach to Lunch

vacation beach outfit

Tunic (similar here); Shorts; Sandals

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