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What to Wear at The Hospital After Giving Birth

by krismkoch
what to wear at the hospital after giving birth

I had no idea what to pack for the hospital for myself the first time I gave birth. What do you wear after giving birth? Pajamas? Sweats? Regular clothes? Even though I plotted out the nursery, a detailed registry, basically everything I would needed in advance when I was pregnant with James, I didn’t really pack a hospital bag or think about what I would wear at the hospital after giving birth. Total rookie mistake! After you give birth, people come to visit, you have to go to classes where you see other people and might bump into someone you know (true story, happened to me), and of course, there are so many photo opps. You are going to want to think about what you’re going to wear at the hospital after giving birth before you go into labor.

In retrospect, I wish I had packed some cute pajamas and a cute robe, and a cute outfit to go home in. It’s cold in the hospital so even though it was hot outside when I gave birth, I froze the whole time and wished I had more layers. I never want to even look at our hospital pics from when I gave birth to James, because I looked so dumpster, which is sad because those are such precious moments to document. Plus, I think I would have felt better overall if I had brought more clothes to wear while I was in the hospital. I just felt kind of gross and overwhelmed, which obviously you will anyway, but it made me not want to see anyone or take pics. And looking back, getting dressed to leave the hospital helps give you the feeling you can handle this as you transition from the alternate universe of the hospital to the real world, a boost of confidence I could have used as a terrified first-time mom. Plus, there are actually people at the hospital who can watch your baby, unlike when you get home and you may not shower for days, so it’s nice to take advantage to take a shower and get out of your hospital gown. And if you end up getting a steady stream of visitors, it’s nice to have clothes you’re not mortified to be seen in.

With that all said, I’m a big proponent of doing whatever you feel like after having a baby. You just gave birth. You don’t have to get dressed, do your hair, or do anything you don’t feel up to. But in retrospect, having the option would have been nice. And not packing anything cute for me to wear at the hospital after giving birth was my biggest regret. So I rounded up some comfy yet photo- and- visitor-friendly outfits to wear at the hospital after giving birth.

what to wear at the hospital after giving birth
what to wear after giving birth

From top left:

Hatch to Hospital Box Set

Blue and White Striped Pajamas

Blue Classic Pajamas with Navy Piping

Pink Gingham Pajamas

Oatmeal Open Cardigan

Grey and White Striped Joggers

White Nursing Cami

Blue and White Mommy and Me Set

Also love: Pink Star Pajamas

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