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What I Wore to a Wedding in Maine

by krismkoch
what to wear to a maine wedding in summer

Earlier this summer, we headed to the beautiful slice of East Coast paradise known as Prout’s Neck Maine for a wedding. It was my first time going to Prout’s and I loved it. It’s right on the ocean and has beautiful beaches but also a woodsy feel, and the little community there is amazing. Best of all, it was a chance for us to catch up with a bunch of friends during a fun wedding weekend filled with activities, and to introduce many of them to James, who we brought along. Dressing for the wedding was tricky — there were a few days of events, everything was on grass or beach, so we were warned about footwear, and while the days were warm and sunny, the nights were cool, especially with events taking place on the water and that cool ocean breeze. I debated what to wear to a Maine wedding in summer, and honestly, kicked myself for waiting until I had an event to shop for a dress, because I hated everything I saw, which I feel like is always the case. (Meanwhile, when I have nothing to go to, I always find a million dresses I love.) I also ordered a bunch of stuff that turned out to be not cute at all.

Long story short, the only thing I really loved was this Saloni dress I had been lusting after for awhile, that happened to be on sale. I just wasn’t sure it fit the whole nautical, preppy backdrop to wear to a Maine wedding in June. And it was a little scandalous being that it is a bit sheer. So I brought a backup that I wasn’t thrilled about that happened to be sleeveless, and once I realized how cool it got at night, I decided to go with the fashion-y choice aka the Saloni dress that came with sleeves and a longer hemline and just wore a black slip underneath. It just goes to show that you should just wear what you want and forget what everyone else thinks or is “appropriate” because that was the dress I got all the compliments on. In fact, it turns out it was the perfect answer to what to wear to a Maine wedding in early summer.

Despite a warning to avoid heels due to events being on the grass, I wore my fave old silver Manolos because how could I not wear heels with this dress, and really, a platform just didn’t look right with this silhouette. Honestly, I loved the pattern of this dress, and though I was worried the black backdrop wouldn’t feel summery enough for a Maine wedding in June, it worked. Most of all though, the silhouette just made me feel elegant and long (if that makes sense), and as I’m still harboring a few post-baby pounds (even though at this point, I have no excuse — James is going to be one in a month and a half, after all), it made me feel pretty and I am a fan of any dress that makes me feel that way these days.

what to wear to a maine wedding in summer what to wear to a maine wedding in summer

More Saloni dresses that are Perfect for a wedding, including mine:

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