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What I Wore This Week (No. 58)

by krismkoch

This week is more like what I wish I wore, i.e., lots of pretty dresses with ruffles and puffy sleeves – my two obsessions as of late. Things are starting to slowly open up here with outdoor dining at restaurants and allowance of small gatherings and stores opening. We’re still taking it very cautiously, but the novelty of being able to see people has me (over) dressing for just about every occasion where I step outside.

On Monday, I dressed up for absolutely no one but my Zoom meetings and our first trip to sit outside at a restaurant in a black dress that’s under $60 and so good. On Tuesday, I wore another steal to take Charlie to the pediatrician and on Wednesday, I had some big meetings and a panel, so I went a bit over the top but I am in love with this Victorian style dress, and think it’s just as big of a treat from the waist up. Thursday was a workout/pajamas all day situation due to lack of childcare and work, but Friday I went all out for five minutes to show you my favorite dress to wear to a Zoom or irl wedding or special occasion.

In other words, here’s what I wore this week.


what i wore this week

Black Ruffle Dress (also love this); flats


what i wore this week

Puff Sleeved Dress (under $40); flats; hat


what i wore this week

Blue Floral Dress; sandals; hat


what i wore this week

Blue Tweed Dress; heels

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