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Style Hack: Layer a Turtleneck Under a Going-Out Shirt

by krismkoch

There’s a lot of problems with going out shirts but one of the most annoying is that they’re completely impractical, especially if you don’t spend your days in hot, sweaty clubs. That’s why I love this style hack and actually, considering the inventive layering I’ve seen around the nyc streets, I’m surprised it didn’t become a thing earlier. Layering a shirt under a sleeveless top or cami is the perfect way to make them office or brunch friendly in winter. I love how it looks with a cami and turtleneck but I’ve been trying the look with long sleeve tops and sleeveless And even short sleep blouses and peplums and I’ve been loving how it helps me avoid having to wear a cardigan or blazer every day and let’s me show off some
Of my fave shirts without freezing my butt off.

layer a turtleneck under a going out shirt


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cropped flares turltneck tassle loafers frayed denim pathwork going out top day to night cami over turtleneck fall layers transitional dressing night to day dressing via sequins daytime

style du monde

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