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Soccer Mom Outfit Ideas

by krismkoch

I’m officially a soccer mom! Well, I kind of was a soccer mom in training before — we started James in a soccer program a couple years ago, but it was just an intro to the game and sort of a fun class for toddlers to take. But now that he’s turning five, he’s old enough to play in our local soccer league and I’m excited for him. He has his first practice last weekend, and he really seemed to enjoy it. I am a huge fan of sports for kids; I think it teaches them so much — cooperation, teamwork, kindness, losing and winning graciously, etc. etc. I also think it’s a great way to get energy out and run your kids around on weekends without having to move, making it a double win for parents, too. I am excited to cheer him on from the sidelines and support him, especially now that our pool is closing and summer is officially coming to an end. I love having an activity to do on weekends as a way to break up the day and it’s one less thing for me to think of and plan. I also enjoy socializing with the other parents and giving Charlotte a space to run around and watch her brother. Never thought I’d say this, but I am officially excited to be a soccer mom — and dress the part. I actually was wondering what I should wear to James’ soccer game (is a dress too much? do I wear leggings or is that silly since I’m not working out after? jeans and a tee or is a cute top too aggressive?), and I thought I can’t be alone, so I pulled together a bunch of soccer mom outfit ideas.

While I think you should wear what you feel like, a kid’s soccer game is a perfect excuse to stay casual. So if your whole weekend is going to be active, throw on those leggings or joggers and call it a day. You can always step it up in jeans and a cute top or sweater, but it’s definitely not necessary. Sneakers are pretty much your best bet for footwear since you’ll be on the grass. I think the soccer mom uniform can best be summed up by leggings or biker shorts, a cute sweatshirt or button-up and sneakers. Easy, comfy and allows you to hit up the playground or zoo, your next kid’s soccer match, or even squeeze in a workout after without changing. I rounded up some cute soccer mom outfit ideas below in case you need to round out your weekend wardrobe.

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