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Smart Buy: DVF Floral Gown

by krismkoch

It’s a rule of life: Whenever you need a dress for wedding or shower or hot date or other ~special~ occasion, you can never find one. But whenever you don’t have anything to wear it to, you always find the perf dress. That’s why when you see an amazing dress, especially one at an amazing price, you get it. Don’t worry about where you’ll wear it. An occasion will arise, and when it does, trust me, you’ll be glad you have that dress.  And this long DVF wrap dress definitely falls in that category. It’s perfect for a wedding or with sandals it works for a daytime shower, and it’s just pretty and will make you feel pretty when you wear it, which is more than worth it’s on-sale price tag.


DVF Melanie Printed Gown, $319.20, saksfifthavenue.com


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