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My Winter Weekend Uniform

by krismkoch

From now until probably March (ugh isn’t that depressing?), you’ll find me in pretty much the same outfit every weekend: jeans, an oversized sweater, and boots. I might swap in a heavier pair of snow boots, a fancier furry pair, rain boots or a pair of over the knee, riding, Chelsea  or moto boots, or I might go for a more cropped, body sweater or a thinner striped number, depending on the weather and my plans and mood, but the formula is pretty much the same. The combo is comfy, put-together enough for most Saturday and Sunday activities and warm. Plus, it takes all the thinking out of getting dressed, which is key for me on weekends. I spend enough time thinking about what I’ll wear for work and special events and occasions that I really don’t need to waste any precious family weekend time thinking about it too. I’ve found this outfit works for most of afternoon weekend activities in winter, whether it’s a walk with the fam, Christmas shopping, baking cookies or exploring in the country , and I can invest in a few good sweaters each winter and then wear them to death all season. To make the look really put together so I’m not embarrassed if I get caught outside the house, I have really started investing in nicer sweaters. I try to get them on sale, especially at the end of the season, and I’ll pepper in a few cheaper finds but I’ve found the cheaper ones only last me a season and tend to look worse for their wear halfway through the season. Some of my fave sweaters are Vince, Theory, AYR, Everlane, for investment knits and Jcrew, Zara and Uniqlo for saves.

Everlane Sweater (old, but similar here); old AG jeans (similar here); Sorel boots (similar here); Canada Goose parka 

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