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My New Weekend Mom Uniform

by krismkoch

I wanted these overalls the minute I saw them. Even though they’re from one of my favorite maternity lines, Hatch Collection, I knew they would fit because the line actually designs clothes you can wear at all stages — not pregs, pregnant, and post-partum. As anyone who has had a baby knows, your body changes so much during pregnancy and then post, and having high-quality clothes that you actually love that are comfortable and chic is so hard to find. Not only does Hatch provide all that, but I love that you can wear it long after your baby is born. Not only does it ease the transition post-baby when your body is looking all kinds of funky and make it less stressful to have to find something that fits to wear, but I wear the Hatch items I invested in now, two years after giving birth.

So when I saw these overalls on super sale, I scooped them up. Not only have I been living in them on weekends, but I even dressed them up with a jacket and nice flats for work, and I’ll be glad I bought them on sale if we get pregnant again. I don’t know about you, but I was so hesitant to spend much on maternity clothes because you only wear them for a finite time, but the cheap ones also looked so cheap and cheesy so I really shopped Hatch’s sales (which are amazing) and then bought a lot of non-maternity clothes with looser fits (Vince being one of my faves for that).

As much as I love Hatch, I hesitated on buying these maternity overalls. I feel like with a bump they’d look super cute, but sometimes I can’t decide if overalls should be worn on anyone over the age of 30, ya know? I just couldn’t decide if it would make me look like a little girl trapped in an old woman’s body. But I’m so glad I just ordered them because they are adorable and don’t feel too young at all. Actually, I thought they looked pretty chic when I dressed them up for work and I get so many compliments when I wear them on weekends (whereas no one every compliments my usual weekend look — jeans and a sweater).

On Me: Overalls (on sale now!); Turtleneck; Loafers (old but similar here and here for less and here for under $100!)

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