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My Favorite Holiday Host and Hostess Gifts

by krismkoch

I never like to show up empty-handed to a party or a stay-over, but whiel my husband is always of the mindset that we just need to bring a nice bottle of wine (which in fairness, is practical), I like to bring a gift that the host can use around the house. Something they might never buy themselves but will love having. This often means buying something that I have gotten and love having, or would love to have for entertaining or just the home in general. Here are some of my favorite host/hostess gifts that are perfect for bringing anyone hosting you for holiday festivities this year.

From top left:

Monogrammed Ice Bucket

Herb Pot with Tray

Monogram Throw Blanket

Monogrammed Dog Collar

Monogram Napkins

Personalized Antler Doormat

Hot Chocolate on a Stick Set

Monogram Guest Towel

Personalized Cheese Dome

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