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The Filling Salad for I Eat for Lunch Every Day

by krismkoch
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Okay, so I’m officially the most boring eater ever. I eat the same things over and over again, and salads are probably my favorite food. But don’t write me off. I’m not that girl. I love pizza the most, and french fries come in a close second followed by any breakfast food (i.e. carb). But I’m obsessed with salads and have been since I began working really. I think because it allows me to have a variety of foods for one meal, which I love. I also can eat a lot without feeling guilty or feeling too full to do anything the rest of the afternoon. I’m not about portion control or having small meals. Salads are also easy to eat at your desk or during a meeting or on the go, so they’re basically my go-to during the work week. The reality is that I need something filling to get me through my whole afternoon and take me to dinner because I rarely have time to snack between meetings and my commute home (well, when commuting was a thing) so I need a really filling salad for lunch. The trick though is to eat something that isn’t so filling that I am too full to finish my afternoon of work, which is why my go-to lunch salad is the perfect solution.

I literally have been eating this filling salad for lunch nearly every day for the past few years, and I highly recommend it. (I know eating the same thing sounds really boring and lame, but Jennifer Aniston ate the same salad for lunch every day while working on Friends, and she looks smoking still, so I’m not going to beat myself up about my boring palette.) It’s got the perfect combo of crunchy and sweet, protein and veggies. I usually eat it between 12pm-1pm if I’m lucky and it’ll last me until dinner. I love that it doesn’t leave me hungry and craving snacks — I really try not to snack during the day. The best part? It’s easy to make or request to be made at your local salad spot.

The perfect filling salad for lunch recipe:

Mix of Kale and Mixed Greens



Dried Cranberries


Grilled Chicken

Parmesan Cheese

Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

And that’s it. Do you like when I share recipes? Should I share more?

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