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What to Wear for Fall Family Photos

by krismkoch
fall family photo outfits

I wasn’t going to do family photos this year. I’m still scarred from our attempt at cute family photos two years ago. I had just had Charlotte and we were living with my in-laws while renovating, so needless to stay stress was high. I was determined to get beautiful family photos of our new family of four with perfectly coordinated fall family photo outfits (go ahead and roll your eyes at me, you know we all succumb to it). I was so happy to finally be a family of four, and I wanted to document our family with professional photos we could treasure forever (and let’s be honest, give to all our family for Christmas presents). I was even excited to not have to worry about our holiday cards. We would have gorgeous options to choose from. Of course, you all know how this story ends. The shoot was a disaster. I ordered a sweater that I thought would be the right size for my just-had-a-baby body and boobs, but unfortunately, just looked terrible in photos. I didn’t have enough time to get my hair and makeup finished with Charlotte not napping that day and wanting to feed. I felt uncomfortable and gross. James threw the most epic of tantrums, refusing to participate in pics, throwing off his shoes and getting his clothes dirty. Our freshly groomed white goldendoodle Dakota ran into the mud and rolled around after James insisted on holding her leash and then promptly dropped it. We managed to get a couple cute family photos, but needless to say, I vowed never to put myself through that trauma again. Now, two years later, I’m finally ready to attempt family photos again because let’s face it, I’m a masochist, but this time, I’m planning ahead with snacks, bribes, and of course, outfits that we try on and plan in advance. And while I have a feeling this year will likely not go any better, you can benefit from my insistence of self-torture because I put together a guide for what to wear for family photos. So if you’re looking for coordinating fall family photo outfits, you’ve come to the right place.

Option 1

fall family photo outfits

Gingham Navy Dress; Navy Boys Outfit; Navy Girls Dress; Men’s Navy Sweater; Men’s Khakis

Option 2

fall family photo outfits

Women’s Green Nap Dress; Baby/Little Girl Nap Dress; Boys Dungarees; Men’s Green Sweater; Men’s Navy Pants

Option 3

what to wear for fall family photos

Women’s Ivory Dress; Girl’s Dress; Boy’s Sweater; Men’s Ivory Sweater; Men’s Jeans

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