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First Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

by krismkoch

I can barely bring myself to admit that my little guy is turning one in a month, but this major milestone is creeping up faster than I can process. Pre-baby, I always imagined myself throwing a Pinterest-worthy party as I had this vision of me being a mini mama Martha Stewart. But truth be told, I’ve found this first year overwhelming with a new job, new baby, dog with only child syndrome adjusting to non-only child life, husband doing something similar, and trying to hold onto some semblance of my former self. My life has been far from the Pinterest perfection I aspired to and most days I don’t care enough to get out of my glasses and sweats if I don’t have to, but recently, maybe because James is getting more sleep or because it feels like the entire world (slash my instagram feed) is filled with perfect moms and their families, and I’ve been getting the itch to domesticate and decorate and party plan again. Plus, I want to make birthdays really special traditions in our family — they were always such an exciting time for me growing up, and I love planning a party, even if these days I’m so tired the word party just exhausts me. Of course as per usual, I cannot make a decision for the life of me when it comes to the theme and what we should do. Andrew is excited to host it at our place and hang out on the deck — we have this huge deck, even by non-NYC standards it’s big but especially by NYC standards, and we really haven’t used it as much as we should. While the idea if a little daunting, I do feel like it would be fun to be able to create cute apps and spreads and decorate, so I’m excited to try it. Plus, to be honest, we don’t have a huge guest list though we’re still debating who to even invite (like will our friends be annoyed that they have to go to a one-year-olds party?). And honestly, I think it’s kind of cray when parents go over the top for the first birthday — it’s just more about them than the baby. Don’t get me wrong, I think you should celebrate yourself if you make it a year without breaking the baby. It’s just more that it’s like if you throw some over the top baby version of a wedding, what are you going to do for 2 and 3 and so on. Plus, it’s not like they’re going to remember it. Still, to each their own, and watch, I’ll get so into this and everyone will be whispering about how I totally am taking it too seriously.  It’s weird that there’s so little guidance here, but in any event, I thought we could start with a theme to get me in the party planning mood (plus, I need to send out the invites pretty soon). Here’s what I’m thinking. Which do you think we should go for? Any other ideas/tips/inspo? Help! This is feeling way more overwhelming than it should.







Peter Rabbit


Paddington Bear

Curious George




Winnie the Pooh

Wild Things

Sesame Street



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