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Best Beauty Products on Amazon

by krismkoch
best beauty products on Amazon 2021

As a busy working mom, I pretty much always relied on Amazon Prime for just about everything, but that’s even more true during the pandemic when dropping by the drugstore to pick up some toothpaste or shampoo felt like taking a health risk. With two day shipping, and sometimes even next day delivery, I often just type in what I need on Amazon and click buy in less time than it takes to make toast. In addition to the usuals like diapers and toothpaste, I even rely on Amazon Prime to source most of my beauty products. I love when other people share their amazon finds, so I thought I’d start by sharing the best beauty products on Amazon that I’ve found.

With third-party sellers, I know buying beauty products on Amazon can be tricky, so I want to preface this by saying that it’s important to check out who you’re buying from. To make it easier, I’ve also put together a list of all the best beauty products on Amazon that I buy religiously, including some genius products that will literally change your life.

best beauty products on Amazon
best beauty products on Amazon

From top left:

Tend Skin

If you get ingrown hairs or even the occasional monster zit, this stuff will change your life. Your husband will also steal it. Trust.

L’Oreal Purple Shampoo

I’ve tried every purple shampoo on the market at every price point (perks of being the editor of a young woman’s mag) and let me tell you, this stuff is the best for blonde highlighted hair. I actually choose to buy it over the loads of free shampoos I am offered. It really stops brassiness.

L’oreal Jumbo Color Safe Shampoo

I use this in between the purple or first when I double shampoo (which I try to do as often as possible to avoid build up since I use a LOT of dry shampoo) and it’s great, and doesn’t cause fading or brassiness.

Native Deodorant

I made the switch to natural aluminum-free deodorant when struggling to conceive, and I haven’t looked back. It took me awhile to find one that actually worked and didn’t give me a rash, and this is my favorite brand and these are my favorite scents but honestly, they’re all pretty good.

Crest Whitestrips

Most experts will tell you this is the next best thing to professional treatments.

GrandeLash MD Lash Growth Serum

I have tried a bunch of different lash growth serums after letting my extensions fall out after I had Charlotte, and honestly, this is the best. Everyone has been asking me if I get lash extensions, and I haven’t touched mascara in months. It’s also one of the few that didn’t give me a reaction.

Face Razors

Great for getting rid of peach fuzz if you have a lot like me.

Honest Body Lotion

This is for kids I think, but in my quest to get rid of many of the chemicals and fragrances that I put on my body and might potentially be absorbed into my skin, I have made lotion a priority. While this is not super thick, it’s a nice light moisturizer that I know is safe for me and my family.

Neutrogena Benzoyl Peroxide Treatment

Lavender Bath Soak

I bought this after someone recommended it for getting your kids to sleep, and was pleased to find out it works on adults just as well.

Supergoop Sunscreen

The best daily sunscreen/moisturizer out there.

ThinkBaby Sunscreen

Love this non-toxic sunscreen for my kiddos, who were blessed with my husband and I’s fair skin and have yet to burn. I also use it sometimes tbh.

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