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Back to School Clothes for Toddler Boys

by krismkoch
back to school clothes for toddler boys

It’s hard for me to even type these words, but it’s already time to start prepping for school to start again and shopping for back to school clothes for the kiddos. (Where did summer go?!) I used to feel ready for fall and found back to school shopping fun, but I’m not ready to let go of summer this year. Maybe it’s because I return to the office in the fall and the craziness of commuting, and I’m already worrying if we’re going to have a second (and maybe worse) round of Covid surges as it gets colder. Part of me is ready for this all to be over and part of me is not ready to go back. Then again, it’s only the beginning of August. Maybe in a month, I’ll be ready to start bundling up again and getting back into the school routine.While there’s still several weeks of summer left, and my kids don’t actually start school until mid-September (I have no idea why so late this year), I know their first day of school will be here before I know it, and since I’ll be going back to the office after Labor Day, I want to start prepping now so I’m not overwhelmed when we get to September. James has been growing like a weed so he definitely needs some new outfits before he starts his final year at his sweet little preschool, so I’m already on the hunt for back to school clothes for toddler boys.

I actually enjoy shopping for James, but it is hard to find cute clothes for baby and toddler boys. The inventory is just much more limited. I shared my favorite places to shop for baby and toddler boy clothes here in case you struggle too. But this year, I’ve already found a bunch of cute back to school clothes for toddler boys, and it’s (almost) making me excited for cooler temps. If you’re starting your fall shopping now too, here are all the cutest back to school clothes for toddler boys I’ve found that I’ve scooped up for James for this year.

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