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The Only Things I’m Buying From the 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

by krismkoch
nordstrom anniversary sale

I was hesitant to even post about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Honestly, I find every blogger and outlet in the universe covering it to be annoying, and I haven’t found the deals to be that awesome in the past. I feel like these kind of crazy sales that everyone pushes drive you to buy things you really don’t need. But I took a peak at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (thanks Covid-induced insomnia), and I was surprised to find some deals that I actually will be scooping up this year. So rather than telling you to buy cashmere sweaters and boots now because honestly, they’ll be at an even better price point in January when you actually need them, I rounded up some random beauty and baby buys that are part of the sale and I’ll be taking advantage of this year.

From top left:

I love every stripe La Ligne makes so I’ll jump on anything they make that goes on sale like this cute striped tee.

I think I might become a lipstick person thanks to @greatthingsibought and I’m loving this pretty duo.

If you’re in the market for a stroller, our UppaBaby stroller has treated us so well.

This is the best dry shampoo ever.

This has helped fill in my eyebrows.

The GloPro is another item that has completely changed my skin.

I’ve been investing in cute, comfy pajamas like this pink striped set these days, especially since I end up wearing them half the day.

I don’t really need another pair of jeans, but these are the ultimate mom jeans — high-waisted, not too tight, and distressed enough to still look cool.

Patagonia baby jackets are the best — they last forever.

People rave about Olaplex and since it’s on sale, I might try it.

I actually have this Patagonia pullover and wear it all the time. Definitely worth grabbing on sale for fall weekends. I’m tempted to scoop up another.

Love these Roller Rabbit pajamas too.

The softest baby blanket ever — makes a great baby gift.

Dr. Dennis Gross’ pads are one of the best things that ever happened to my skin.

We have the single jogging stroller, and I loved it. I’m tempted to get the double jogging stroller while it’s on sale, but we really don’t need one more stroller.

This is hands down the best sunscreen ever.

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