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Everyone’s Wearing: Gucci Fur Slides

by krismkoch

I know it’s an extravagance I definitely don’t need need, but I seriously need Gucci’s fur-lined mules/loafers/slides. The Gucci Princetown Slippers are just so plush and chic, and I feel like my feet would be so warm and happy in them. And they just keep teasing me by looking so low-key glam on the street stylers for whom a single sponsored Instagram post can score them five pairs. But for those of us for whom just getting a like is exciting, the furry slides are definitely a splurge that the semi reasonable part of me says resist the urge. They’re likely just the“it” shoe of the moment and will likely be replaced by a new shoe you have to have this time next year. The other side of me, though, well, that says you’ll wear Gucci fur slides every day if you own them and you can wear them with everything. They look so chic with a cocktail dress, dress up sweats, and of course, are the perfect footwear to wear with jeans on the weekends. I even think you can pull them off at the office with a cropped pair of pants or a midi skirt or longer dress. So yeah, if you divide cost by wear, they’ll definitely pay for themselves, right?

I do think they’ll totally be something I’d pull out year after year, even if they lose their shoe of the moment status, if not only for plane rides (really, could there be a better travel shoe?). And then isn’t it Christmas soon and don’t I deserve a nice pressie for myself? Ugh, reason vs. need, but oh, they are tempting. It’s hard to resist when I keep seeing them all over the streets of New York calling my name. In case you’re not sure if they’re worth the splurge, or wondering how to style your own pair, I gathered inspo from the streets of New York.  Here’s how to wear Gucci fur slides in case you’re debating this purchase too.

graphic coat-statement coat-fur gucci slides-lfw-psuk

popsugar uk

pinstripe blazer-gucci fur loafers-cropped flare jeans-fall work outfit-spring work outfit-going out-

a love is blind

gucci fur loafers-shoes-accessories-cfc

who what wear

navy monochromatic tunic rolled pants colorblock coat fall coat gucci fur slippers slip ons mode off duty fall work outfits

style du monde

baseball jacket black trouser pants fur gucci slides white tie neck blouse fall neutrals work outfits

vanessa jackman

kahkis trench coat duster coat gucci fur mules gucci loafers army pants fal lneutrals weekend work

style du monde

gucci fur loafers mules slides, pleated green midi skirt, grey turtleneck sweater, winter work outfit


gucci loafers slides mules, jeans, winter outfit, jacket on shoulders

vanessa jackman

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