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My Favorite Work Bags

by krismkoch
Work Bags for women

I’m in desperate need of a new purse, really a few new purses, but especially one for work. I really shouldn’t call it a purse or handbag. I need a tote bag for work that can fit my laptop, books (yes, I read books, mostly parenting books on the subway), diapers, shoes, and a million other things that a working mom whose constantly on the go in New York City needs (plus, a million things I don’t need that inevitably end up in my purse). I always end up shying away from buying a new bag, mostly because my taste runs expensive and then I get distracted by all these shoes, dresses, jackets, etc. I have to have that in comparison, seem affordable. However, your bag really completes the outfit and I’m sick of ruining a chic ensemble with a tattered old mom bag or my go-to black Mansur Gavriel bag (that I treated myself to when I returned to work after having James) but sometimes doesn’t fit with my look. Fashion editors/experts always say to invest in shoes and purses, something I actually endorse and have advised myself over the years, and yet, I rarely practice what I preach. Again, I think it’s because it’s really hard for me to justify the price, especially now that I have James and I think about it in terms of college tuition (or really I should say preschool tuition). But after being actually embarrassed to pick up my bag after a coffee date with one of my favorite bloggers and boss ladies (even though I was wearing my new favorite dress mind you), I realized I need to just suck it up and invest in one or two new work bags.

Of course, now that I’ve committed to investing in new work bags, I really need to narrow down the options. When it comes to work, I have too much to carry to go with anything small, so I’m only shopping for tote bags that can fit a laptop and all the other stuff I cart to and from work with me every day. Here are my favorite work bags at every price point. Help! Which should I get?

My Favorite Work Bags My Favorite Work Bags

From Top Right: 

Chanel Black Quilted Tote

Prada White Leather Tote

Clare V Suede Tote

Bottega Veneta Braided Tote

Mansur Gavriel White Tote

Saint Laurent Black Shopper

The Row Textured Camel Tote

Aesthere Ekme Sac Tote

Annabel Ingall Pebble Bag

Clare V Suede Tote

Madewell Brown Leather Tote

Tory Burch Black Tote

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