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18 Amazing Winter Coats on Sale Now

by krismkoch

I usually invest in one really good winter coat every year. In the wintertime, coats are pretty much all anyone sees since you’re always bundled up and I find not having the right coat when I’m headed out can ruin my outfit. Because I tend to fall for a coat and wear it everywhere, they get a lot of wear and tear, so I find it’s worth investing in a good one, especially since the cost per wear makes a splurge really worthwhile. Coats are one area where having some good, practical neutral options is key but I also find that the occasional statement coat is also worth the splurge, and doesn’t go out of style as fast as other clothing trends.

While I do think a good winter coat is definitely worth the investment, and there are certain coats that are really essential to have in your closet, including a really good winter parka, I always wait to buy a new coat on sale. Coats always go on sale pretty early in the winter (thanks Black Friday!), and as the weather has been so funky in recent years, it’s usually not until January that the weather really gets crazy and I’m sick of the other old coats in my lineup, and honestly, I just can’t stand to buy things full price because everything goes on sale. Plus, coats are expensive af. Right now there are tons of amazing sales on winter coats, but you’ll want to jump on them, because they tend to sell out fast this time of year. I need a classic black coat that’s a little heavier than the leather-trimmed option I have in my closet, and then I also have been contemplating a classic camel coat, but I’m also really tempted to get a fun faux fur “fashun” coat that really makes a statement and would be perfect for work and special occasions, which I realize is two more than my aforementioned one per year, so I’m trying to narrow it down to I’m trying to narrow to two to splurge on.

These are my favorite winter coats on sale right now.


From top left:

Red Plaid Jacket

Navy Belted Coat

Plaid Coat

Grey Fur Coat

Dark Grey Military Coat

Brown Fur Coat

White Shaggy Coat

Faux Fur Hooded Coat

Caramel Fur Coat

Black Military Jacket

Tan Blanket Coat

Baby Blue Fur Trim Coat

Black Fur Trim Coat

Navy Tiered Fur Coat

Teddy Bear Coat

Black on Black Belted Fur Trim Coat

Shearling Toggle Coat

Navy Faux Fur Coat


Help! Which should I get?

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