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Winter Weekend Mornings

by krismkoch

Saturday mornings are my absolute favorite. Even though we are lucky if we get to sleep past 7a.m. on weekends these days, I love getting up early with James and Dakota, cuddling while I drink my coffee and James has his bottle, and not having to rush to shower, check emails, get everyone changed, dressed, and fed, and rush out the door. The downside of being up so early (other than lack of sleep): With James so active right, we get cabin fever super quickly in our apartment and by 9a.m., I’m dying to get out and do an activity. While we’ve been trying to take advantage of everything the city has to offer, and hit up museums, parks, new brunch spots (although going out to eat with James these days is pretty much a disaster), shopping, etc., recently it’s been too frigid outside to really leave the house so we’ve been spending more time upstate. There’s a lot more space for James and Dakota to run around, we can bundle up and play in the snow or walk on the frozen lake right outside and then run back inside and warm up, there’s a nice big open kitchen to cook in (a new favorite activity with James), and it’s just a cozy, scenic spot to get away from the craze of the city. I especially love mornings here, because we can cuddle up in front of the fire while we wait for the house to warm up, make coffee, and stay in our pajamas until lunch (or all day really).

J.Crew sweater (old but similar here); Striped Old Navy shirt; Topshop joggers (also love these here); Sorel boots; Sorel hat (old but similar here)

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