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Shopping List: My Favorite Under $200 Finds to Refresh You Winter Wardrobe

by krismkoch

Even though per my New Year’s resolutions, I’m really committing to investing in quality pieces that I really love over things I think I should have, impulse purchases, and lots of trendy pieces, I am also trying to avoid any big splurges right now. To be honest, I just haven’t really loved anything enough to seriously splurge, but also we’re really focused on planning some upcoming vacations,  figuring out if we want to buy a house, and planning ahead for some fun things for our family, so investing in big ticket items for my closet isn’t happening right now. But I am also suffering from that horrible affliction when you hate everything in your closet (anyone else?) that I find starts to happen at this point in a season, especially winter when it feels like you’ve been wearing sweaters forever. I’m not quite ready for resort wear that’s everywhere (I feel like it jinxes us to buy spring clothes before it’s actually spring outside), so I’ve been looking for some fun pieces that will freshen up my wardrobe, I can wear right now and the rest of the season, but aren’t too expensive. It’s January, rather than feeling guilty over a big splurge (which I always do until I look back and realize how much I wore it), this month, I’m really focused on the high I get from a well-priced find that racks in all the compliments. I have been finding some really cute stuff at some great price points, so rather than just picking one for my smart buy, I’m rounding them up because they’re seriously too good not to scoop up. Think of it as a mid-winter pick-me-up.

From top: 

J.O.A. Leopard Print Coat

J.Crew Faux Fur Slides

Pixie Market Toggle Sherpa Coat

Levi’s Wedgie Icon Jeans

H&M Mohair Striped Sweater

Mirrored Sunglasses

Mango Frayed Edges Cardigan

Mango Knot Velvet Slides

Tory Sport Track Pants



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