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Why I Started This Blog and What Do You Want to See in 2019?

by krismkoch

I started this blog as a visual diary to help making get dressed in the morning easier for me. But I realized that if I struggled, and I worked in fashion and gave women advice on how to dress for a living, that other women needed this too. I made my website public and documented other people’s amazing style. But I grew wary of how every blogger or street style star was starting to dress the sale and how often the way they dressed wasn’t for real life. I work, so wearing jeans and a cute sweater every day doesn’t really work for me. I do work in at a fashion magazine so dress codes run the gamut, but I’m also a boss and I live and commute in NYC so I can’t dress like its fashion week every day, forget the tights because it looks better (tho sometimes I do because I like to live on the edge), wear ridiculous heels (tho sometimes I do), or wear ball gowns to work each day. I also don’t get a free wardrobe of designer clothes despite the common misconception and I do re-wear the pieces in my wardrobe except people at my office are paying attention (I work in fashion after all), so I have to do it strategically. So like many of you, I wanted to see how real people dress for their real lives and re-wear clothes in their wardrobe and I didn’t feel like there was a lot of that content in the universe of Instagram perfection.

So I decided to do something I’m not super comfortable with and jump in front of the camera and show what I really wear (and re-wear). I had just gone back to work after having James when I decided to make this content shift and I was spending tons of time looking up things like teething, transitioning to solids, etc. I found I had to read a million books and ask a million friends before coming up with the right approach for most things, and rather than let that research go to waste (but also to help me sort through it), I started writing about motherhood on the blog while curating guides for kids because I found baby boys really hard to shop for and all the baby gear overwhelming.

Fast forward many months and I decided to start chronicling my struggles with infertility. I was terrified about sharing something so personal but felt so many emotions that I wanted to get out, and I was rewarded by all these amazing women and families who shared their own similar struggles. Not only did I realize for the first time in many months that I wasn’t alone, but I also realized that we need to talk about this more and by writing about it, hopefully in some small way I’m helping to eliminate the stigma around it. There are so many of us struggling with so many aspects of motherhood – infertility, breastfeeding, etc. – and we think we’re alone or failures, and we’re not. One of the biggest resources and comforts for me on this infertility journey has been other bloggers who were brave enough to share their struggles and so I hope by doing the same I can help others who are going through something similar.

This year, I really felt like was the year I found my voice and purpose in blogging as well as my community — you. I am so thankful for all of you who are following along and I hope you find this blog to be a resource for where you are in your life and it makes getting dressed a little easier, motherhood a little less confusing, and makes you feel like you have one more friend rooting for you each day. 

This blog is as much for you as it is for me so I want your feedback. Please tell me what you want to see this year. What topics you want me to cover, what blog posts you want to see, where you want Closetful of Clothes to go in 2019.

As always, thank you for your support and following along. It means the world to me and I wouldn’t be here without you. 

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