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What to Wear to School Holiday Events

by krismkoch
what to wear to school holiday events

Now that I have kids, I’ve found there’s a whole new set of holiday events and parties to attend. From holiday pageants and Christmas plays to gingerbread making parties, the holiday activities for the kids abound. I love it. I am all about anything that makes the holidays feel extra special. But it does mean extra events to dress for and I sometimes struggle with what to wear to school holiday events. They’re generally not as fancy as other holiday parties and there’s the chance of getting frosting on your outfit, so you don’t want anything too precious or anything with feathers of sequins that your kids can pull off. But you also want to look festive. In fact, I find school holiday events are the perfect excuse to go all-out with the holiday attire. With that said, you don’t want to be that mom in the Christmas sweater that will make your kids cringe for years to come.

My advice when picking out what to wear to school holiday events is to start by figuring out what you’ll be doing. If you’re helping out at the class gingerbread party, jeans and a festive sweater or a casual dress feel right. If you’re attending your child’s holiday pageant or show, I like to dress it up a bit to make it feel even more special for them with a cute holiday dress or black pants and a festive top. If you have lots of school events coming up this season, here is my go-to outfit for what to wear to school holiday events — plus, some more looks to shop.

festive holiday outfit
what to wear to school holiday events

Dress; Sweater; Flats (old Chanel but similar for under $30 here)

More looks I love: 

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