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What to Wear To a Kid’s Birthday Party

by krismkoch
what to wear to a kid's birthday

First it was the showers, now it’s the kid’s birthday parties. Figuring out what to wear to a kid’s birthday party is not exactly like dressing for an adult birthday party. Kids are messy and their parties often involve some form of activity that doesn’t exactly mesh well with heels or dry-clean only dresses. Still, leggings and a tee doesn’t exactly live up to the effort involved in an event that often involves hired kiddy entertainment, catered food, and personalized decorations (is it me, or have kid’s birthday parties gotten more over the top every year?). 

And hey, kids are a lot of work, so after making it through another year, it really should be just as much about celebrating the parents, right? The trick to figuring out what to wear to a kid’s birthday party is finding that perfect blend of comfy and casual and kid/baby-proof but still chic. Easy enough, right? I like to go with a dress that is easily washable or jeans and a cute top (that is also easy to clean and preferably printed to hide any stains). I almost always go with sneakers or flats because my kids are animals and I spend half the time chasing after them. 

Since birthday party season is once again upon us and it seems like birthday parties will be a thing once a kid,I put together a guide for what to wear to a kid’s birthday party. 

Printed Top + Jeans

what to wear to a kid's birthday

Top; Jeans; Sneakers

Printed Dress + Sneakers

outfit for a child's birthday party

Dress; Sneakers; Denim Jacket

Printed Top + White Jeans

Blue Floral Blouse; White Jeans; Black Flats

Striped Tee + Jeans 

Striped Tee; High-Waisted Cropped Jeans; Leopard Print Loafers

Denim Shirt + Jeans 

Chambray Shirt; Wide-Leg Cropped Jeans; Sneakers

Printed Top + Grey Jeans 

Floral Button-Up Blouse; Grey Cropped Jeans; Nude Bow Flats

Turtleneck + Cropped Trousers 

Camel Turtleneck Sweater; Red Wide-Leg Pants; Black Loafers

Cute Sweatshirt + Black Jeans

Sporty Top; Black Skinny Ripped Jeans; Flat Espadrilles

Outfit 7

Leopard Cardigan; Skinny High-Waisted Jeans; Black Slides

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Natali Mukhlo January 20, 2020 - 9:49 am

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Robin March 13, 2021 - 3:06 pm

I want to wear a nikoloneon sweatshirt and jeans. With fflat loafers. I’m 66, is it ok

krismkoch March 16, 2021 - 1:55 pm

I’m a firm believer in wearing whatever you feel good in so go for it! Also, sounds adorable.



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