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What to Wear This Weekend (No. 81)

by krismkoch

Did this week feel like the longest week ever, or is it just me? We’re planning to lay low. I’d pretend like that’s a new thing, but these days, it’s our new normal #newparentlife. I’m excited though to stuff my face while watching the Super Bowl (sorry, diet I keep saying I’m going to start) and to bring┬áBaby James to brunch. He’s just getting to that fun stage where he actually stays awake when we eat, and is fascinated by everything going on. Also, top of my priorities is sleep, so sweatpants and leggings will be high on the agenda, especially since it’s supposed to be freeezing, but considering I’m starting to squeeze my butt back in my jeans, I think I’ll be adding a few cozy sweater/jean combos to the mix as well. Hopefully the tightness will remind me not to go overboard on the┬áSuper Bowl snacks, or at least that’s the theory. In reality, I’ll be switching to elastic waist pants about five minutes in so I can enjoy unlimited guac and chips guilt-free.

Regardless of your plans, here’s how to look comfy and cute all weekend long

Friday Night: Drinks With Friends

who what wear

Saturday: Brunch


Saturday Night: Dinner Date

damsel in dior


Sunday: Super Bowl Party

see (anna) jane


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