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What to Wear This Weekend (No. 66)

by krismkoch

How is it already Friday, and how was it not Friday like five days ago? 0+We’re still in the process of moving in, but I will go to the beach this weekend, no matter what. I need to be sitting in a cold body of water, be it the ocean or pool. So yeah, basically that’s my plan. Whether you’re planning to cool off at the beach or pool, bbq, or stay in the AC, here’s how to look comfy and chic all weekend long.

Friday Night: Friend’s BBQ

what to wear this weekend



Saturday: Beach Day!

weekend-sneakers-stripes-denim shorts-summer weekend-beach-

atlantic pacific

Saturday Night: Dinner with Friends at the Beach Club

summer weekend-boho embroidered dress-boho embroidered top-summer beach party-weekend-


Sunday: Brunch, Errands and Packing

striped tee-espadrilles-denim cutoffs-weekend outfit-straw hat-

damsel in dior


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