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What to Wear This Weekend (No. 50)

by krismkoch

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the spring blues. I’m like so ready for spring to be here, but with my birthday, anniversary (it was this week — two years down!), and Easter out of the way, it’s like there’s nothing to look forward to until Memorial Day. We were supposed to take a “spring break” trip, but with Zika virus and all, it’s been hard to pick a spot to go, so we’ve been in this like holding pattern. Plus, it’s like so not feeling like spring these days. I mean today there was a bit of a heat wave, but it’s only supposed to be in the 40s and maybe reach the low 50s this weekend. So much for April marking actual spring. I just really want to put away the Canada Goose already (which I honestly never thought I’d say because I friggin’ love that thing but honestly, I’m sick of being cold). I’m hoping to drag the hubs away this weekend because I’m so bored with life and an uninvited house guest in the form of a mouse has deterred my redecorating plans, that I’m ready to get the hell out of dodge and do something different.

Whether you’re heading off on spring breaaaak (jealous), suffering from the spring blues too, or actually motivated to do some spring cleaning, here’s how to look chic and comfy this weekend.

Friday Night: Going Out for Mexi Food


Saturday Afternoon: Doggie Birthday Party and Dinner With Couple Friends

glove shoes-mom jeans-layers-transitional dressing-weekend fall spring


Saturday Night: Low-Key Dinner With Couple Friends 

what to wear this weekend, rosie huntington whiteley


Sunday: Brunching and Relaxing 

what to wear this weekend, kendall jenner, hoodie and jean jacket



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