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What To Wear This Weekend (No. 13): My Spring Weekend Uniform

by krismkoch

I’m one of those rare people who actually sorta dreads when it gets warm out. Don’t get me wrong. I was BEYOND ready for winter to be over, and I love spring, I really do (I mean come on, I’m not a total grinch). But it usually feels like we don’t even really get spring in NYC, and it heads straight from winter to summer in like a day, and I’m forced to put my pasty white legs in shorts before I’ve even had time to stock up on razors let alone self tanner. And the one downside to having a dog (which is the best thing in the world) is that our puppy doesn’t like to wait until I’ve had coffee to go out in the mornings, which is why I appreciate being able to throw on a big parka and go outside in my pajamas, instead of trying to figure out whether I really need to wear a bra under the T-shirt I slept in or if I can get away with a loop around the block letting the guys go completely loose (don’t worry, I usually come to my sense and go through the hassle of putting on the bra (seems like such a quick, little thing but it truly is the most annoying thing in the world, amiright, ladies? But I digress…) And when it comes to weekend activities, like brunch and errands and trips to the park, I end up taking forever to figure out what to wear and seriously stressing over like a pair of jeans and tee, which is so ridiculous and yet it happens every. single. time. I’ve come to the realization that I need to just have some go-to outfits that I can just throw on and not spend my weekend mornings stressing about outfits. Trying on a million things and hating everything is harrowing enough on work days. We deserve the weekends off, right? So I’m committing to weekend uniforms this spring, and here’s my inspo to begin.

Striped Tee + Jeans (Heels Optional)

Crisp white sans the slouch of boyfriend jeans and/or distressing feels a little to Hamptons prep for city weekends, so I’ll probably go with regular blue jeans (doesn’t anyone even say that anymore), with or without distressing, slouchy or skinny, they  just contrast the preppiness of the stripes and feel more cool, urban if that makes sense. I know what you’re thinking, heels on the weekend, really? Come on, now, do you really think  so little of me? Yeah, no chance I’m wearing heels unless it’s after dark, or I’m going to a wedding or a shower (and even then…). So I’ll probably swap the heels for sneakers or sandals, but love the idea of just tossing on heels to go out to a casual dinner in the ‘hood without having to shower or change (sorry, hubby, but weekends are for being lazy).



Sweatshirt Over A Tee +  Casual Jacket (Or Cardi) + Rolled Jeans + Flats

Bonus points for mixed prints — seems like a lot of effort during the week let alone on weekends, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: stripes and florals are a surefire match that makes you look like you’re so much more stylish than you actually are. The athletic jacket like Sienna’s Adidas one is the trendy option, but if like me, the look just isn’t you and you’re not about to invest in a jacket just for weekends, a denim or army jacket, or boyfriend cardi is perf for days that extra layer is needed. Sneakers work, but if you want to look like you tried a little harder, love how a pair of oxfords instantly makes this borderline sloppy outfit look polished. Side note: Lace-up oxfords especially in a shiny patent leather or croc-like texture like I have are pretty genius — they’re business enough for the office when you just can’t with heels and the easiest way to turn jeans, leggings, sweats (seriously) into an outfit that’s put-together enough to wear to brunch or the grocery store (if your grocery store is as much of a see and be seen place as ours).



Jeans + Tee + Sweater Coat + Flat Boots (or Oxfords or Ballet Flats)

You might have been so distracted by Gigi Hadid’s stunning blonde bombshell hotness that you haven’t been paying attention to her killer street style. But what I love about the “it” girl/model’s off-duty look is that they’re actually totally low-key and stealable for us non-model people. She doesn’t look like she’s in head to toe designer, and unlike other street style faves like Miranda Kerr, she’s not tottering on heels to go to the park or catch a flight, nor does she look impossibly put-together in that way I know i could never put in the effort to be a la Olivia Palermo. And a short-sleeve sweater coat is truly genius, because it’s pretty much like wearing a robe, dresses up jeans and a tee, and I love that it offers a bit more coverage than a cardi and has more outfit-making potential because it’s more of a statement piece. I’m all about Chelsea boots because just when it’s finally getting warm, I finally bit the bullet and bought a pair (black ones by Vince at Barney’s Warehouse that I scored for an extra 40% off, that are still available FYI), but I’m glad I did because they’re amazing and I’ll be justifying them by wearing them until it’s like 90 degrees out. But it works just as well with any ankle boots — just keep go for a cropped pair like Gigi’s that you offer a bit of space between the top of the boot and the hem of the jeans to make it feel more spring-y than the tucked in version. But sandals, cool sneakers or flats would work just as well. Bonus points for a long low-key necklace and cool shades — tossing a cool piece of jewelry and major shades instantly makes any outfit, no matter how basic or casual, into a stylish look and takes zero effort, which is yet another reason to invest in accessories to update your look without replacing your whole wardrobe.



Denim Jacket or Chambray Shirt + Tee + Skinny Jeans + Sandals

The denim on denim look isn’t going anywhere, and Emma Stone (who I simply adore, btw) makes a good case for bringing back the Canadian tuxedo. If you slightly mix the washes like Emma’s dark denim skinnies and slightly less dark denim jacket it looks really fresh and non-cheesy and it’s supes easy to throw on without even shopping.The look works equally as well with a chambray shirt, worn open and unbuttoned over a tee. And simple flat sandals are the perf flats to wear with jeans in spring, and sundresses on weekends in summer, so well worth investing in a pair to slip on instead of flip-flops for the easiest way ever to up your weekend outfit game.


who what wear


Sweatpants + Tee + Boyfriend Blazer + Oxfords

Leave it to Kendall Jenner to make sweatpants look like the chicest things ever. I mean, stop. Must you be so friggin’ chic? But glad she is because she just gave us all permission to wear sweats outside the house and in a way that won’t make you feel bad about yo shlumpy self. The key? Crop the top a bit if you dare (or at least tuck), scrunch ’em up at the ankles, and toss on a blazer or moto jacket and polished flats (no sneakers) to up the dressy factor). To look as cool as Kendall, a few layered necklaces and some killer shades are all that’s required, which you gotta admit, is a pretty small price to pay to wear sweats out of the office and look off the chain chic.



Skinny Jeans + Oversized Oxford Shirt + Leather Jacket (+ Heels Optional)

Love this easy look. A men’s oxford shirt or just oversized women’s shirt is so cool and comfy in that I didn’t try to look this stylish way that, let’s be honest, you’re trying for on weekends. Balance the slouch factor with skinny jeans and do the front half-tuck to keep it from looking sloppy. Wear it with flats on during the day for errands, brunch, shopping, dog walks, whatevs. But for casual night-out plans, just add heels, a clutch, and toss a leather jacket or blazer over your shoulders — it really doesn’t get any easier.




Oversized Oxford + Rolled Distressed Denim + Sandals

To me jeans and a button-up feels a little stuffy/preppy college for me, but if you do the oversized white shirt with distressed denim, it looks so much cooler. Just stick to more straight leg style instead of over slouchy, and roll them up. As an alternate to the half-tuck, try the half-button, and leave the bottom bunch open to show a flirty flash of skin should the wind blow. You can do the look with flat sandals or sneakers for casual daytime errands, and toss on flatform wedges (a comfy way to get some height without the pain this season that you really should get behind if you haven’t already) or heels and downside your purse to go out.

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Jeans + Tee + Poncho

The poncho or blanket coat that first entered the street style scene last fall is spring’s answer to chic transitional dressing as well. It’s so chic and you can go neutral with a subtly aztek design for a trendy but goes-with-everything topper. And it’s so easy to just toss on over jeans and a tee to look instantly polished. And the best part? You don’t even need to put on a bra!

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