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What To Wear For A Marathon Day Of Holiday Shopping

by krismkoch

Even if you’re like me and prefer to do 99.9% of your shopping online, during the holidays, you rarely can get away with not entering a single store. There’s always the last-minute gift, or the boutique that doesn’t have an online shop (why? why?) but has the coolest stuff, or the wrapping paper run when you run out mid-wrap sesh. When you’re holiday shopping, you want to look cute because it’s like the entire world is out and about shopping and sightseeing (especially if you’re in NYC). And of course if you’re hitting up the mall with the kiddos, there’s the opportunity for that Santa pic, although it’s kind of weirding me out the more I think about it (and see people posting that forcing your kids to sit on a strangers lap isn’t a good idea), the less into Santa pics I am. Regardless, you want to look somewhat put-together, but comfort, of course, is key to. Comfort is especially important for footwear — whether you’re hitting the mall of Fifth Avenue, tracking down the perfect for all the impossible-to-shop-for fuckers (love you guys) on your list usually requires covering quite a bit of ground. To help, I’ve put together a guide for what to wear holiday shopping.

I don’t know if this is just me, but for some reason, I agonize more over what I’m going to wear to everyday activities like going to the dentist or grocery store or mall. You’d think I’d be more stressed by dressing for work where I’m surrounded by fashionable people or for events, but I feel like at this point, I know how to dress for both and let my creativity flow. But when it comes to everyday casual errands and activities, like holiday shopping, I always find myself trying on ten different outfits. That’s why I’m obsessed with this uniform — a long chic sweater (my current fave), leggings, and boots. It’s comfy and warm but also chic and put-together. So if you’re hitting up the stores this weekend, here’s what to wear holiday shopping.

what to wear holiday shopping

what to wear holiday shopping

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