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What I Wore on Our Trip to Florida

by krismkoch

We went to Florida for a long weekend to see family and unsuccessfully escape the polar vortex. Sadly, we arrived just in time for rain and it only cleared up as we left. So I packed a bunch of stuff I didn’t need, because it turned out to be cold and rainy (check out my beach vacation packing list here), and my dreams of shooting great beach getaway content for you were squashed. However, the sun did come out for long enough that I was able to wear some of my favorite new beach dresses and snap a few pics.

Even though it wasn’t the most photo-worthy trip, we had fun spending time with James and it was kind of nice not having to worry about looking cute for pics or dressing cute (it was basically just bundle up with whatever warm clothes we brought for the first two days). Still, I got to squeeze in some cute looks that I definitely recommend if you’re heading somewhere warm sometime soon. I can’t wait to wear them on our next trip and when it spring finally gets here (it’s not that far away is it?). Here’s what I wore on our trip to Florida last week.

Day 1

Dress; Sandals

Day 2

Dress/Cover-up; Sandals

Day 3 

Dress; Sandals

Day 4 

Dress; Sandals

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