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What I Wore This Week (No. 86)

by krismkoch
what i wore the first week of november 2021

I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering from Halloween. I think it’s a combo of the candy overload (which I’m still eating as I type this – why are those bite-sized Snickers soo good?) and all the activities this year, from the parties to cupcake making to trick or treating. I’ve been in an exhausted fog all week and barely got through this week in one piece. I would like to campaign for a week off post-Halloween next year. Of course time has not slowed down one bit. I was in the city this week, the kids were off of school two days because of conferences, I had to attend said conferences, paddle season started, work was crazy, and now I have to somehow muster the stamina to go out tonight. When did my social life get so crazy? I never thought having kids would give me more of a social life but here we are. I have soccer, birthday parties, and more this weekend. I had really hoped to spend the weekend in sweats, but alas, that won’t be happening. This week I too had hopes of wearing stretchy pants as I continued to raid the kids’ candy collections, but work and life dictated otherwise, as you’ll see in my roundup of what I wore the first week of November 2021. In fact, I had to get dressed every day this week. I kept it a bit more casual most days because I had the kiddos home, so I was in full mom outfits, but with a presentable enough top to pop on Zoom meetings.

I’m off to try to take a quick cat nap before I have to turn myself into a human again for tonight’s activities. Hellllpp. Here’s what I wore the first week of November 2021.


Sweater; Jeans; Mules


drop off pick up outfits, fall outfits 2021

Dress (old Ulla Johnson but similar here); Mules; Jacket (old but similar here)


what i wore the first week of november 2021

Coat; Jeans; Boots (under $40!); Turtleneck


what I wore the first week of November 2021

Jacket; Jeans (old but similar here); Clogs


holiday party outfit

Dress; Jacket (old but similar here for 50 percent off); Boots

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