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What I Wore This Week (No. 62)

by krismkoch

Another week, another round of day dresses to share with you. But do not be deceived. I actually only got dressed two days this week. The rest of the week, I wore my workout and tennis clothes all day. It was a WEEK, with so much going on at work and a crazy storm that we’re still cleaning up from, and getting dressed just wasn’t a priority. But I did want to share what I wore on the two days I actually got dressed — and documented it. (Side note: Do you guys want to see what I wear on days I don’t get dressed? TMI?) We got to go away for the weekend, and I find I’m more likely to get dressed when I go somewhere. For the days I did put on cute dresses, it’s because we escaped upstate, so I’m really only showing you what I wore for a weekend away in August. But honestly, maybe that’s more interesting and helpful anyway, because unless you’re going away, if Covid restrictions are still in place where you live, you’re probably not really going places and worrying that much about what you’re wearing (just me?).

Since I’ll take any excuse these days to dress up a bit, I decided to bring some dresses with me for our mini getaway. During the day, we played in the lake and went on hikes, so I mostly wore swimsuits and workout clothes. But at night, after I showered, I decided to throw on some cute dresses that have been languishing in my closet. It’s just as easy to throw on as shorts or jeans, and I actually prefer to just wear breezy dresses in summer. Even though we mostly ate at home, it made our weekend getaway feel more like a vacation. Here’s what I wore for a weekend away in August.


August outfit idea
what i wore for a weekend away in August

Dress; Sandals


what i wore for a weekend away in August

Dress; Espadrilles

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MODEL EMMA September 2, 2020 - 2:25 am

You are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing cute fashion things.



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