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What I Wore This Week (No. 5)

by krismkoch

My schedule has been all over the place lately — from a holiday party to a playdate to the office. This week’s weekly wardrobe is clearly reflective of that, aka a total mixed bag. The only consistency? The color palette. Clearly despite my claims to be incorporating more color in my wardrobe, I only wear black, grey and white. What can I say? It works, especially when my days mean constantly running around to different things.

Outfit 1: Black Peplum Dress, Old Kate Spade Heels (love these ones), Tiered Ball Earrings

Outfit 2: Shearling Jacket; Turtleneck Sweater; Distressed Jeans; Old Sorrel Boots (similar here)

Outfit 3: Old Zara Leather Leggings (similar here); Ruffle Sweater; Velvet Mules (similar here I like too); cute baby, price upon request

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