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What I Wore This Week (No. 3)

by krismkoch

Notice a pattern this week? I’ve been feeling really tired and just over everything recently, so this week’s wardrobe really reflected that. Despite feeling color and feminine details more, this week I went back to my dark, neutral soul. A) because it’s easy and I haven’t felt like getting dressed lately and B) because it’s been unseasonably warm but I’ve wanted to dress like fall. But looking back, I feel like I need to do some shopping and break out of this wardrobe rut. With that said, there’s definitely something to be said for wearing a uniform and sticking to a few colors and styles. It definitely makes getting dressed easier and everything goes together. Maybe there’s a compromise, or maybe it’ll just be my fallback on days I just can’t deal.


Look 1: ShirtdressLoafers

Look 2: Black and White Dress; Black Heels

Look 3: Old slip dress (similar here; here; and here);Long Sleeve Top (similar here); Leather Jacket; Loafers

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