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What I Wore This Week (No. 67)

by krismkoch
what i wore the third week of june 2021

I am literally in shock that I’m already sharing what I wore the third week of June 2021. Where is the time going? This was our first week of freedom — school is out and it’s kind of nice not to be beholden to that schedule. It also means I don’t need to worry about rushing to get dressed before drop off/pick up. I am taking advantage of having a bit more time in the morning to get dressed to actually… get dressed. Novel, right? And yet, such a hard thing to do when you have kids.

This week was another steamy one, so I stuck mostly to dresses and shorts. I had a few work events to dress up for and took advantage of the warmer weather to actually go out during the week. Mom and Dad are getting crazzzyyy this summer, right? I have to say, I’m usually a homebody, but the warmer weather and world opening up is really getting me to go out and do more things. The days feel really full and they’re flying by a bit faster than I would like, but I feel like we’re really living it up and taking advantage of everything this summer, which I love. I am starting to think I would be happier if I lived in perpetual summer, but ya know, you can’t have the rainbows without the rain. (Is that even a saying? I have no idea.).

If you’re looking for summer outfit inspiration, I’m serving up more lewks this week. My late-night shopping sprees continue, and I invested in some fun new dresses during Memorial Day sales that I’m still taking out for spins. I have to say, I just prefer to live in dresses during the summer, but on more casual days when I’m just playing with the kids, I pretty much live in shorts.

Here’s what I wore the third week of June 2021 aka my week in outfits.


what I wore the third week of June 2021

Dress; Sandals; Headband


what I wore the third week of June 2021

Pink Sleeper Dress; Sneakers


how to wear shorts in summer

Meadow Shorts; Tee; Sandals


what I wore the third week of June 2021

Floral Agua Dress; Sandals


what I wore the third week of June 2021

H&M Black Dress; Sandals

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