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What I Wore This Week (No. 71)

by krismkoch

Not to be the doomsday-er, but I’m freaking out. It’s not even the middle of July and it already feels like we’re at that point in summer where it’s a slippery slope to fall. There’s already back to school supplies lining the drugstore shelves and fall clothes hitting stores. Ok, sorry, let’s change the subject. I’m not meaning to freak you out, and I’m going to have a meltdown if I think about summer ending. Each week is getting busier and more hectic with work, camp, events, and birthday parties. I haven’t had this active of a social life since before kids. Seriously. I’m not totally complaining, but it means after a year of not getting dressed much, I’m getting dressed up a lot, and some days even require multiple outfit changes. I know a lot of you are experiencing the same thing and starting to stress about getting dressed again, so I’m continuing my commitment to share my outfits and today, I have what I wore the third week of July 2021. Can you believe it? Where is summer going, right? I know, I know, I’ll stop.

This week, I had presentations for work, an IG live, a ladies’ night, a big birthday party, and even squeezed in some tennis. I know a lot of these outfits are somewhat fancy, but I thought it’d be more interesting to show you what I wore when I had something to do (like ladies’ night) or I needed to look profesh for work (like for an IG live). I should probably do a roundup of what I wear when I’m just working and mom-ing all day — workout clothes or cutoffs and a tee — because it gets old fast. But I didn’t want you to think I sit around in fancy dresses and heels all day feeding my kids and chasing them around between working and not worrying about my dry cleaning bills. Though actually I’ll wear dresses while I work remotely if I have to be on a lot of Zooms or have presentations and lives etc. so I do sit around my house in dresses all day, but I’m usually barefoot on bottom.

Here’s what I wore the third week of July 2021 aka my week in outfits.


Dress; Sneakers


Dress (old but similar here and here and here and here and here): Espadrilles






Blue Jonathan Simkin Dress; Sandals; Bag (found it for 70% off!)

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