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What I Wore This Week (No. 68)

by krismkoch
what i wore the second week in june 2021

Here we are coming up on the end of June, and it feels like summer only just began. (Also, crap I need to figure out our Fourth of July plans, but if you’re wondering what to wear or pack, check out these cute Fourth of July outfits and red, white and blue outfits.) I suppose in a way it has. James has only been out of school for two weeks. Camp just started, and we’re just getting into the swing of the usual summer things: pool, beach, bbqs, tennis and golf, afternoon ice cream cones, and lots of time outdoors. I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard for me to focus on work or all the things I need to get done when it’s so beautiful outside. I just want to be outside playing with the kids or squeezing in a swim or tennis game. I even dream about escaping for an afternoon to read on the beach — just for fun. I very well may do that (I know I should, we all should), but work and life has been super busy and sometimes, I can barely keep up. It feels like every day moves a million miles an hour. I’m trying to get dressed every day to help me feel more on top of things, and of course, so I have an excuse to share what I wore the last week in June 2021. But really, it’s so gorgeous outside that I try to steal moments to have lunch with the kids or pick up James from camp or grab a coffee with a friend or colleague between emails and meetings, giving me excuses to wear all the summer dresses I’ve been scooping up (I can’t help myself!).

Here’s what I wore the last week in June 2021 aka my week in outfits.


what I wore the last week in June 2021



white dress 2021

Dress (under $30 – please excuse the wrinkles);  Sandals


what I wore the last week in June 2021

Dress (under $40)Sandals


what I wore the last week in june 2021

Dress; Sandals


what i wore the last week in june 2021

Dress (old Ganni but similar here and here); Espadrilles

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