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What I Wore This Week (No. 72)

by krismkoch

Ok so I’m going to ruin your day by reminding you that it’s now officially the end of July. July is a great month in our family because it’s my husband’s birthday, my father in law’s birthday, and my sister from another mister’s birthday, so needless to say, it’s always lots of fun. Plus, there’s the Fourth of July and it’s warm and sunny (except when it rains nonstop this year) so days are filled with the beach and pool. But as we approach the end of the month, it also means we’re sliding fast into August and back to school and fall. I can’t think about it. I want an extra month of summer this year. I plan to live it up until summer is over, and I’m really excited to squeeze all the fun out of life these next few weeks. I am starting to shop for some work clothes for fall because it sounds like we’ll actually be getting dressed and heading into the office again. I am usually so excited to shop for fall clothes, but honestly, I want to keep wearing summer dresses until the end of time. I changed it up a bit this week, but 90 percent of what I wore the fourth week of July 2021 was dresses without shoes and denim shorts. Hey, it’s summer after all.

This week was busy and crazy as we prepped for our big vacation but with work and camp drop off/pick up and birthday dinners, I still had to get dressed. Here’s what I wore the last fourth of July 2021 aka my week in outfits.


Lake Dress


July outfits

Top; Denim Shorts; Sandals


what I wore the last week of July 2021

Jeans; Striped Tank (old but similar here); Sandals


casual beach dresses for moms

Dress; Sandals


casual summer outfits for moms

Top; Shorts; Sandals

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