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What I Wore This Week (No. 69)

by krismkoch

If it didn’t feel like summer before, it certainly does now. It’s sweltering and we’re somehow, already, heading into the July Fourth weekend. I love the Fourth of July. I mean I love all summer holidays, so this shouldn’t be a shock, but I’m excited to have a few extra days off of work and to celebrate with friends and do all the things we couldn’t last year. We’ll be spending some of it at home and some of it at the lake. But first I had to get through this week after being away for a week, and for some reason, this week was jam-packed. It’s like they knew I was still in vacation mode. In retrospect, would have been better to just take off this week, but then you wouldn’t have a post of what I wore the first week in July 2021. Don’t say I never did anything for you guys.

I actually think this is my favorite week of outfits, because I got to whip out some of the things I ordered that finally arrived. In fact, I plan to live in the romper — if you follow me on Instagram or bump into me this weekend, you’ll notice I’ll be wearing it on repeat with a red headband for some festive flair. So before I sign off for a few days to enjoy the long weekend, here’s what I wore the first week in July 2021 aka my week in outfits. And if you’re packing your holiday weekend with tons of activities or a trip, check out Fourth of July outfit ideas, my favorite patriotic outfits, and Fourth of July clothes for the kids — plus, my all time favorite Fourth of July dress.


what I wore the first week in July 2021

Dress; Sandals


what I wore the first week in July 2021

Dress; Sneakers


summer work outfit

Dress; Sandals


summer wedding guest dress

Dress; Sandals


what I wore the first week in July 2021

Romper; Sneakers

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