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What I Want for Our Home Right Now

by krismkoch
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I’ve been working from home for what seems like forever, and I’m craving a chance of scenery. I am not sure when our return to office will actually happen, so now I’m back to fixating on our home. I have insisted on designing it myself because I want to learn, but I know hiring a designer would have helped me learn a lot faster while avoiding many of the costly mistakes I’ve made while decorating. However, I am at that point where I’m in too deep, and have decided just to finish it myself. And that means obsessing once again over home decor and furniture available now, art and antiques and debating what I want for our home.

Right now, our living room feels pretty complete minus a few pieces of art and a new coffee table I’d like after I sell the one I bought in a panic that really doesn’t work with the design of our space (someone please visit my Facebook Marketplace and buy it!). Of course, there are still some pieces I’d love to swap in to complete the room. But our dining room really is pretty empty and needs some help. After realizing we needed a round table, I panic bought again a beautiful table at the Restoration Hardware outlet that was dirt cheap due to a nick that I fixed. Then I panic bought the matching Restoration Hardware chairs, but now I’m trying to figure out how to die this more french country style into the rest of our home, especially since the rooms open up to each other and the table and chairs are a little lighter of a wood than we have in other parts of the house. Basically, I need a sideboard, new chandelier, and some fabulous art, and perhaps a rug. But of course, I’m struggling on all fronts to pull the trigger on anything, and contemplating selling the dining table and chairs and buying something else entirely. Since I can’t decide, I am shopping for home decor and furniture that is available now because that isn’t how I got here in the first place or anything. But hey, why not buy and return or sell more things, right? If you’re looking to spruce up your home or want some special pieces, I found a bunch of home decor and furniture that is available now because who wants to wait for the ten month lead times? Not I. I’ll be ready to move long before then.

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